Home Bodies - Shorts

By FLEX (other events)

Thursday, February 24 2022 8:30 PM 10:30 PM EST

SL PANG, Teal, Sears, Z Caplan, Gruffat, Martin & Zenas Burns, Summer Klein, Madsen Minax

PHARMAKOSIS (2020) SL PANG, Digital, USA/Singapore, 13:06

Romantic Getaway (2020) Ariel Teal, Digital, USA, 10:03

Maximum Umbra (2021) Kelly Sears, Digital, USA, 2:45

Autopoiesis (2019) Lana Z Caplan, Digital, USA, 7:00

Moving or Being Moved (2020) Sabine Gruffat, Digital, USA, 10:56

ARK3: CROSSOVER CHRONICLES (2021) Darrin Martin and Torsten Zenas Burns, Digital, USA/ Finland, 11:00

The Takeover (2020) Kira Summer Klein (K$K), Digital, USA, 10:17

Two Sons and a River of Blood (2021) Angelo Madsen Minax, Digital, Mexico/ Finland, 10:30